an extinct art....

why don't children have to practice this anymore?
beautiful. circa 1800
more here


Mrs. Blandings said…
Do you have Paper Source? The one here has a class to teach this. I have a friend who took it and her handwriting is amazingly beautiful.
franki durbin said…
Oh I agree. I just LOVE (LOVE!) writing like this. Really? Children won't learn this in school? :( So sad. Maybe my little sweetie will inherit some of her mother's love of typography and handwriting. We'll see!
Karena said…
I remember those days of practicig cursive and getting it done perfectly.
Susan said…
I love calligraphy! Do you know where the entire alphabet for that style would be?

I recently took a class at the college and it has made me more conscientious of my penmanship. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this lost art!
I agree it is so sad. I have beautiful penmanship... if I do say so myself. Actually I've been told this at least 450,783,879 times. Or something like that. But anyway, I remember learning cursive in school and I thought it was the most amazing, most beautiful thing in all the world. I could write beautiful stories with beautiful penmanship. I practiced and practiced and practiced. Hmmm... and now, I mostly type.
Always been so jealous of those with good handwriting- mine looks like chicken scratch. It is indeed a lost art!
Chuck Gniech said…
It has something to do with the digital age!

Children know how to type before they know how to write [alright, that is a slight exaggeration]. But our society gets them started with computer games at such an early age. That transitions into quick keyboard skills [and eventually carpel tunnel]. In our "I want it now" society, children [well, people] have lost the patience of learning how to create a beautiful "written" identity. Very soon beautiful hand-drawn letter forms will be left to Type Designers. Ah... progress.

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