girly, glamorous, vintage goodness

When I was a senior in high school, we were required to choose a "dream career", find a mentor in that field and spend a week shadowing them.
While my fellow classmates were off working in their dad's law firms or their veterinarian's office, I had loftier goals. Goals that included glamour, art and fashion {and ,yes, I'm sure a lot of navel gazing}. The choice was easy: I'll be a fashion illustrator
And so I spent a week, in the art department of Wolf Brothers department store. I was allowed to do a little pen and ink work, given some pointers, but mostly I'm not sure they knew what to do with me.
So I sat at my little table in the corner, worked on sketches, tried not to be pesty and at the end of the week, had a nice little portfolio to show for my presentation.
I did end up studying illustration in college, but even in those days, the art of fashion illustration was becoming a lost art. Lost to clip art and computer generated image. Already, a vintage art form.
these days, vintage fashion illustration is a great, affordable art form.
En masse, on a wall, in a dressing room, a bedroom or over an ornate console in a living room.
Beautiful, spare, broad strokes made with a spartan color palette, efficiently conveying the fluid movement of fabric over the strength of a body.
girly, glamorous, vintage goodness.
I'm particularly smitten with the art of bay area artist Marjorie Ullberg. Ulberg, illustrated fashions for San Francisco bay area, department stores such as H. Liebes and Neiman Marcus from 1946-1954. Her work was published in local papers as well as national.
original Ulbergs can be purchased, at the Lost Art Salon in San Francisco.
all images by Marjorie Ulberg from
Lost Art Salon245
245 Van Ness, Ste303
San Francisco, ca


We always needed these people desperately in the industry, to help merchandisers "envision" things up from technical sketches. People with this remarkable talent are far too hard to come by today... you know, like my tailor... has anyone seen him? Ugh...
Meg said…
I love these! I admire anyone who has the talent of being able to draw, sketch or paint!
Karena said…
Megan I love these, I am becoming more and more smitten with illustration. Oh,and Wolf Brothers in Kansas City, that brings back memories!
Hudson Goods said…
I think they would just look great on the wall in your home! wish we would see more vintage work used as art in the home.
Susan Moses said…
you definitely have the 'eye' and a refined style... my style is more edgy... but I appreciate solid aesthetics when I see them... thank you for your bountiful blog!

Topsy Turvy said…
I also wanted to be a fashion illustrator! Rubin Toledo has managed to become very successful at it lately, and it's great to see a revival of hand-drawn work. But, for me, his drawings are a little too artificially cutesy and doll-like. (Maybe they speak to the 'Barbie' culture.) I think I prefer the glamour and grace of the vintage illustrations. Maybe I'm just old!!

tinkalicious said…
I so admire those that have this talent! Lovely, thanks for sharing!
Riviera View said…
nice drawings.

my mom was a fashion illustrator too - back when they still were in need. she drew for Hudson's in Detroit, as well as for Bullocks, May Company, and many others on L.A.

There was another great illustrator from the 60s' and 70's who was my mom's favorite. Her name is Mia Carpenter. Have you ever heard of her? She's fantastic too.

Anonymous said…
An up and coming illustrator is Sarah Allen Preston. You must check out she is fabulous and very talented. I think you will enjoy!
Pearl Maple said…
Beautiful collection of images and reminder of the beauty of fashion does not always need to be seen through a camera lens.
PJ said…
They're AWESOME! What HUUUUGE talent!
Stunning pictures. Reminds me of fashion school. I love water coloured sketches.
Fifi Flowers said…
These are GREAT illustrations! I thought you were going to show us some of your fashion illustration designs... I thought these might be yours in the beginning... would love to see yours!
ENJOY the first day of Spring and your weekend!
Cote de Texas said…
i love these - I was hoping they were yours! I love your art work - you never show it!!!

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