going for the green

especially with the hits of pale blue.
Maybe it's the time of year, but I'm bored with my house.
I may be painting a small bathroom in this green.


Karena said…
Yes Megan, I can relate, need some change and I think a great shade of paint in a room or two wiil do the trick!
I love the last two images. Great post!
I am hooked on green. It's such a great color -- that goes with almost any other shade. Love it! Thanks for sharing your images. See ya, -susan
My zebra skin rug from my taxidermist has since disintegrated. But a bold color on the wall could make up for it!
What a fantastic kitchen ... I love the stripes with the kelly green.
I love these greens too. I recently painted my long hallway and living room in a greyish-green from Benjamin Moore that is just beautiful. Farrow & Ball has some beautiful greens as well. Good luck with the painting!
Rachel said…
I get bored with my stuff too! I think because I have a smaller house, I see the same things again and again and again.... I've tried explaining that although there's nothing wrong with the _______ (insert "wall color" or "sofa", etc) I'm just bored with it.
You're not alone!

That being said, our main room is green. It's nice, and we liked it when we bought the house, but I always thought I'd find something BETTER. Well, I couldn't. So, I repainted (it needed a new coat!) it the same color green.
And that green you like?? Greens - lively ones - are wonderful in bathrooms! My sister's bathroom used to be a shade like that, and it was really great!
mama wants more said…
that parsley green color is my favorite. i wish i had the guts to do kitchen cabinets like in the domino picture.
Cote de Texas said…
love it! i've always loved Schuyler's house - or however you spell her name!!!

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