The influence of the design blogger

Today I had the honor of being invited to partake in the Decorati and Schumacher panel: The Influence of the Design Blogger.
Moderated by ceo and Decorati founder, Shane Reilly, the event took place at the Schumacher showroom in the PDC as a part of Westweek. My fellow panelists and bloggers as seen here, Mark Cutler {Mark Cutler design}, myself, Shane Reilly, Timothy Corrigan {Decorati guest blogger} and Andrew Puschel {Schumacher}. The discussion was lively with great dialogue between the audience and panelists.
Topics from the audience included:
whether it's worthwhile for publicist to send bloggers press releases on their clients newest product? I said, great, but if it's a form letter, I'll probably pass right by it. Sending a personal email makes all the difference and has even created a few friendships along the way.
There seemed to be a slight bit of angst as to how one actually creates a blog. Not necessarily the hosting part but, the art direction and the building part of the blog? That's the beauty of blogging! It's all you. A personal reflection of you and your thoughts. No rules. I always tell people, forget about your header, forget about that back ground color, grab a template that appeals to you and start writing. The writing is the most important part. Or posting if you're image heavy. The look of your blog evolves.
need photo of the group chatting afterward *here*
The hour sped by quickly and afterward I chatted with a few people whom I had only "known" as readers or from their own blogs. It's always fun to meet everyone in person.
I was especially excited to see fellow bloggers Vanessa de Vargas of Turquoise, Rebecca Orlov of Apartment Therapy and Christian Mays of Maison21 {whom I knew only from our facebook banter and now for 'real'} and thank you to my dear friend Coleen of Coleen & Company for dropping by too.
If you are unfamiliar with decorati, take a minute to jump over there now. This is the preeminent global resource for interior designers and design enthusiasts. Consumers are able to browse and purchase trade-only products via the web. What's not to love about that? Brilliant.
BIG, BIG thanks to Ronda Carman , Decorati and Schumacher for including me in this pertinent and informative seminar.


Happy it went so well! You look great! :-)
maison21 said…
i really enjoyed the discussion today- thanks for being brave enough to get up there and sharing all that good stuff with us!
Jen said…
Hi Megan,

I thought you did a great job on the panel today. My friend, Lisa, and I made this seminar our top priority for the day because we have such an interest in how blogging is affecting the interior design industry.
We are both students at FIDM, and are graduating shortly, so we understand the importance of pursuing all avenues to get our names out there effectively, professionally, and cheaply! I know blogging is a great way to do this, but I had a unexplainable apprehension to the whole idea until I heard you speak. I really appreciated how the panel put into perspective that you may get published for one month's issue in a shelter mag, but a blog is accessible for the next ten years. Even a website it great, but unless the content changes, it does not enable the sense of a personal relationship that clients and employers are seeking. You were also adamant about the importance of blogging and putting yourself out there in this industry. It gave both of us the confidence we needed to jump in; we decided to start a joint blog as soon as the seminar ended. Our first step was discussing different names for our blog on our drive home from the PDC. I will let you know when we post our first entry!
Thank you for sharing your success, and giving me perspective on how great a tool this is for an emerging design professional.

Jen Willhite
Karena said…
Megan, how fun, I wish I could have been there! It sounds like lots of great ideas were brainstormed by the best of the best!
Patricia Gray said…
Hi Megan
It looks like a great get together. I am soooo envious. I would have loved to be there to meet you all in person!!!!
katiedid said…
Congratulations Megan! What a great thing to have been a part of. And getting to meet all of the bloggers! So much fun....LOVE that Christian! And all the rest too!
Great meeting you in person and well done on keeping the discussion honest and fresh! I am sure you inspired many in the room to give blogging a go! xo, rebecca
Anonymous said…
There are so many of us Anons reading you. It's wonderful to get a blogger's sense of design, but also how design affects your life personally. I long for more of those wonderful stories House Beautiful used to publish: "Thoughts of Home." You design bloggers are helping to fill that longing . . . Thanks Megan.
Ms Unreliable said…
I'll emphasise from the outset that blogging has a very different effect on the publishing industry here in Australia, but I know many people within in the Australian architectural publishing industry and I'm SO glad a few people from "outside" the industry are starting to make an impact. We've been a little too complacent for a little too long about the important of "architectural magazines", whilst in actuality very few people have actually gone out of their way to buy these magazines (many architectural magazines are provided through professional memberships!) The decorating and "home" magazines are the ones that really matter to people, the ones that are within reach and within budget. Unlike the US, these magazines are actually growing in readership as the instinct to nest becomes more necessary...home decor writers have never been more important in Australia!

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