Thursday, March 5, 2009

men's grill

chesterfield loveseat~craigslist $325.00
Ake dust~zuriick $33.00 on sale
island gingham tie~j.crew $49.50
counterpart suede and leather lace up boot~timberland


abby said...

GREAT canvas shoes! said...

I can appreciate a well made pair of boots. I once bought a pair of italian boots from J.Crew similar to these above (but black)... $350 boots I got for half price. I must have purchased these 10 years ago now and they have held up very well. They have carried me to all four corners of the world, hitchhiking in Ukraine, "borrowing" oranges in Palermo, and enjoying everything America has to offer too. The soles could use a replacement, but a good shine job and these boots look just as good as the day I bought them. I love them. I would pay $400 for them today!

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