paris is burning

paris hotel boutique is en feu with great new arrivals.... books, books, books. do you read them or just keep them around as props? {no judgement} No matter, these will fit both purposes.
the old testament, from the book of David:
do you really need an explanation...
damn. sorry, this just sold. but it looked so good just sitting there, I didn't want to take it down. Guess that would make it a prop book.
my kinda girl.....
Esme´ of Paris the witty autobiography of the colorful parfumier personality, Esme´Davis
"Anything could happen to Esme Davis-and almost everything did." She was an acrobat, ballet dancer, wild-beast tamer, music-hall and circus artiste and, latterly, parfumier.
Numbers, letters, vintage= art.
I believe this is now the galleria. Antique, San Francisco signage, it's a good thing.
My daughter, Charlotte was born in Boston. Upon meeting her new sister for the first time, my then 3 year old asked where the baby came from, I explained, that she came from God. Her response: "Well, can you take her back to Cape God?" I think we need this.
vintage, GLAMour.
now THIS is a cocktail table
vintage Italian glazed garden stool going, going, gone! but still so beautiful.
No matter, Paris hotel boutique is always rife with incredibly, glamorous, vintage,finds. But word to the wise, you have to check-in regularly to get the goods.
(415) 305-7846


Fifi Flowers said…
GREAT items! I ADORE your "Cape God" story! I've heard can we send him back many a times... but never to Cape God... that is priceless! BTW... LOVE Boston!
Off to take a peek at Paris Hotel Boutique!
Meg said…
I've been scoping Paris Hotel Boutique last week myself! I'm OBSESSED with those old grey hound signs, I printed one off to show (aka, talk into buying) a friend~! Your story is so sweet!!!
Megan, thank you so much for the wonderful post!! I really appreciate it coming from you and your GREAT blog!! xo Lynn
PJ said…
I love signage. It tells a different story to everyone who sees it.
Karena said…
Checking it out right now, great books and signage!
Kristin said…
Oh so many items that I wish weren't sold. I'll have to start checking back often!
LindsB said…
NOOO, I've been looking for a Boston sign like that forever!! And now its sold, so so so sad!! If you ever see another one like that, I would LOVE you if you kept me in mind- thanks a million
LindsB said…
PS- I just did a post on this sign and I linked back to yours, I hope you dont mind.
casapinka said…
Well, did you? Return her to Cape Cod, I mean? I love the things that kids say.
beachbungalow8 said…
casapinka~ again, and again. But I always take her back home with me in the end.

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