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Laduree/France, originally uploaded by PARTY PERFECT.

via Absolutely Beautiful Things blog, Anna Spiro


I spent 6 weeks in the south of France, and one week (by my self!) in Paris after I graduated college. My hotel was just down the street from Laduree. Seeing pictures like this takes me back, and of course...makes me want to go back ASAP! Love this post, LOVE Absolutely Beautiful things, too!
Stephanie said…
Oh my! My hubby and I had lunch there at Christmas. Paris is absolutely out of this world! I loved everything about Paris and especially Laduree!

Thanks for posting the picture. It brings back such great memories.
Rachel said…
Oh, the shops over in France are so pretty themselves!
Megan said…
Aww this photo instantly takes me back to my vacations in Paris! What a great feeling after such a hectic week. Thanks!
AHHHH! You have got to have a macaron for me...and a cannelle...god I am dying of jealousy.
Anonymous said…
I've never been there, but I love this image. Black with gold detail is my absolute favorite. Gorgeous!!!
Cote de Texas said…
never been, but I will one day.
Karena said…
On my list to visit soon. Love the image of Laduree,

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