Monday, April 13, 2009


I used to have a terrible habit of quietly slipping out of a party without really letting anyone know. It was never preplanned, I'd just be done. The next day I'd usually get a few concerned phone calls asking where I went. 'One minute I saw you dancing on the tables and the next you were gone'.
Last week, I sort of fell back to my old ways. One minute I was dancing on tables and the next *poof* peace out. Because a few of you seemed genuinely concerned {and thank you, by the way}, I thought I'd let you know, I made it home just fine. In fact, that's just where I went: 'home' {or the place I once called 'home'}, touching base with family and friends. Getting a little recharge.
so let's get on with it.....


Petunia Face said...

I leave parties the same way. I hate goodbyes.

Glad you're back :)

columnist said...

I love the "one minute I saw you dancing on the tables" line. Hope you had fun. Enjoying reading your blog!

Lisa said...

We all love & appreciate a recharge once in a while. Glad you were able to slip away & very happy to have you back...thought maybe you just hopped off with the Easter bunny!

franki durbin said...

nothing wrong with needing a little "you" time. just know we love you (smooooch!) and want the best. think of us as your widespread band of girlfriends. ;)

hope you are getting the r&r you need, honey.


Anonymous said...

Cut-and-run. That's what I call it. Still do this from time to time. Immature, but effective.

Rachel said...

I hear ya.

Karena said...

So glad you made it back to KC. I know how hectic it can be during the holidays and trying to fit everyone into the schedule! Sorry the weather wasn't more springlike!

Mabel and Zora said...

I leave parties the same...I have had too much to drink and gone and crawled into bed during 2 birthday husband did not think it funny!

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