fregana licious

No, probably more accurately, chillicious. Not so much for the wide striped awning, topiary adorned terrace of the well manicured yard. But more for the groovy, tropical breeze, grab a rum drink and climb on board, lanai sort of yard.
leave your troubles and climb on board
Fergana is a modular sofa system, by Moroso out of Milan, that can be assembled around a central table. {which I like, because you need always need the noshery factor}
oh, I know, I know, 'but I'm so tired of this Ikat, Suzani thing'.... get over it. it's here to stay and it's the exact fabric detail that this ethnic vibe calls for. Anything done well can weather the trend storm. The ancient weaving techniques from Uzbekistan have been combined with European manufacturing techniques. I'm guessing making them nice and durable {none the less, I'd still make you remove your shoes}


Rachel said…
This is very cool!! I am really wanting some comfy and cute seating outside on our patio this year, and this would be so cool.
Petunia Face said…
This has me written all over it. It also has "I need me a sugar daddy, does anyone want to buy this for me pretty please?" written all over it.

Love love love.
Laura Trevey said…
That would make for some serious lounging!! :)
maison21 said…
i think the fabric is perfect for the concept, and petunia face, please pass any sugar daddies you can't use my way.
thebubbreport said…
IF I'd had that as a kid, I would have made an awesome slumber party fort out of it!

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