this is not a post about grey gardens

because I'm pretty sure we've covered that one.
But check out that necklace on Jessica. Amazing. I call "alligators are the new owl" {you may need to click on it to get the full detail} and for the record I give the whole thing a C+ with an A+ for set and costume design.
Which, really in the end, is all that matters for me. thank you for sending me this shot, 'sparky' one of my long time readers who always knows what I like and points me in the right direction.


Lisa said…
love the necklace but the hat is what really grabbed me!
Stay cool at the beach today!
Karena said…
I do want to see the movie, as you say Megan, not only for the story, but for the costumes and set designs.
shanon said…
Oooh, alligators, that would be quite cool. Wouldn't it? =)
city pretties said…
The costumes and set design were amazing. I have to say that both JL and DB were luminously beautiful (when they were meant to be) except for Drew's nose work. It was icky. Her Little Edie accent was dead-on, but her acting is just so-so. Jessica Lang, however, was really great.

I kind of liked the "back story" parts of it all, and I'm sure some of it was pure speculation, but it was still fun to watch.

What did Nick think?
Lucinda said…
I totally noticed that necklace in the film and tried finding a better picture of it myself. I wonder if this was an actual piece big Edie wore? It was a fantastic necklace!
kelleyp said…
love that necklace but check out that dragonfly on the hat. and for that matter i could make some killer pillows out of her coat. must see.
franki durbin said…
how on earth is it that I am the only design/fashion/aesthetically-oriented person I know who isn't watching this show? I also don't watch American Idol. LOL. Am I missing something?
Richie Designs said…
oh man... I haven't seen the HBO special yet. Now I'm kinda bummed on your review.

If any of you haven't seen the original documentary it's available on Netflix and is AMAZING [they also have an outtakes DVD avaliable too.
The necklace is great and I love the hats too. Maybe a designer will start making them again.
Tracy Elaine said…
I love the outfit on Drew. It's so timeless. I could totally see myself wearing something like that this Summer. I especially love the embroidery detail around the neckline of her shirt.
That necklace is aged to perfection and quirky enough for her. Love it!
Have you seen the Grey gardens Jewelry Collection???? :)
royal creme said…
There is much to love about the photo, the hats, the poses and the agitation I feel at not having seen the special or the documentary.
Style Court said…
Megan -- love the idea of alligators being the new owls.

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