tune in and tune out

Grab a cup of coffee and tune in, while tuning out the grind of the day. Listen while Joni, Linda and I solve the problems of the design blogging world while examining our navels, with two new shows airing this week on 'the skirted round table'. This week's topics:
what inspires you to blog
{this one will surely ignite a few listener opinions}
trends what's in what's out. like and no-like


Oh goody. A polyester Double knit PANT SET. So many colors to choose.

I listened. I liked!
This morning while trying to write up my blog post I logged on to the skirted table and caught up on all 3 talks so far. I was in heaven. Loved every bit of it and think you ladies made some great points. You make me question my desire for a ghost chair. Oh do I get one or not!

Anyway loved it and I was into it that I got completely sidetracked from writing up my own blog post.

judy aldridge said…
I love this!!! so great to hear voices from a blog, makes it feel much more personal! I really love it!!!!! judy
Karena said…
Ooh great image now we need one of the men in their pastel leisure suits! Great show/broadcast!
Wow! I find the Skirted Round Table very fun & incredibly helpful to us non-professional decorators. Now I am dumping my cheezy bust..ha!I am frustrated with the overuse & exposure of said items such as "busts". Hard to come up with good design, impervious to being stale. Love zebra & I am afraid will always love zebra.

Looking forward to many more. Great job ladies.

(: deb
Maria Killam said…
Great show! I really enjoyed listening to it!
mary said…
I love the photo of the three divas of "Skirted Roundtable" but am so happy that Polyester pant suits are not making a come-back.
Megan, LOVE the new podcast! Great name...I remember those skirted table debates!

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