color match at a tap

I can't believe that I'm actually one of those people who casually throws about the term 'app' but, two pages of iphone 'APPS' later, I suppose I am.
Ideal to have on hand when at a cocktail party { the one where the hostess is very protective about the colors, fabrics, etc used in her house } and find the perfect color of deep charcoal blue in the powder room.
Now you can, slip out your phone and capture the color, sending it through the Benjamin Moore color finder and get a "match" at the tap of a finger . Not brave enough to go this deep with your color? The application also provides a range of colors darker and lighter on either side. With another tap, the colors can be saved to a file.
The Ben Color Capture, application for your iphone.
free and available June 1st


Sherrie said…
This app looks like so much fun! I've got my calendar marked. Thanks for sharing this!
Megan - this is amazing! I can't wait to try it out. It will help so much with work.
city pretties said…
All the more reason for me to get an iPhone. I hope I can afford it after vacation and missing work from an injured foot.
Vasudha.dilip said…
lovely blog....i specially liked all the pictures relating to interiors....excelllent....WOW...please do visit my blog...
Hi Megan.
I got an e-mail about this.
I think I'll test it out. I am bit skeptical that my iphone will be able to accurately match a color based on a photo. Of course, who am I to doubt the almighty Apple!
BTW: I am completely addicted to the skirted round table! It's my new addiction. Can't wait to hear the one you are taping tonight.

Boxwood Terrace said…
Oh, how I want this. Such a tool would have been very handy when I was driving around neighborhoods, looking for exterior paint colors for my house. Although, people would not have approved of me running onto their lawns with an iphone in my hand, snapping close-ups of their siding!
Amanda said…
Ok, that is the coolest thing ever!

Sadly, no iphones in our area due to service issues.

Maybe the blackberry storm will have the same app when it is available? One can only hope!
Carol Ann said…
Loved Boxwood Terrace's and I agree...very handy for designers to get the color of the wall when clients do not know what it is... and most do not! or give me a gallon of paint to take with me...all I say is thanks! (better than a wet painted paper in my new car)
My cell phone contract is almost up and I have to get a new phone, I will be looking into a iphone, thank you very for this post.
I'm with Velvet and Linen... I am also completely addicted to the skirted round table! It's my new addiction too, I get my coffee ready, put the ear phones on sit back in my chair and tell my husband that I can not be disturbed for the next 15 to 17 minutes...I think he thinks I am disturbed, but he only uses the computer to check his bank account...the blogs and rest of the internet are mine all mine...
beachbungalow8 said…
at&t has the worst service here, at the beach. it really does. We get almost no reception. and every time we call about it, they tell us how nobody else has this problem.

THAT said, I do so love my iphone. And this may be the coolest app yet. I'll let you know June 1st. I'm going to try it on my much asked about living room color.
You are KIDDING me with this!! I am so freakin' excited! Thank you for telling me, now if June 1st would just GET HERE. COOL!
okay, this is crazy! Love it! I can't get an Iphone because of the reception in my area, so unfortunately, I have to stick with Sprint...

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