the conversation tin

On the shop and restaurant lined street called Abbott Kinney in the urban beach town of Venice beach, there's a little jewel box of a stationers shop called "Urbanic".
For the last few years, it's been the go-to spot for beautiful letter press stationary, invites, paper goods, unique gifts, desktop items and countless amounts of fantastic things you didn't know you needed....but do.
Recently, proprietress and "Parcel Post" blogger, Audrey Woolen asked if I would be interested in participating in the 'The Conversation Tin'- a product created by her sister, Anastasia, from an idea that begin with a cross country road trip and a newish boyfriend.
"They barely knew each other at that time, so before they left, they made a big coffee tin and asked their friends and random people to drop secret questions and conversation topics into it. During the course of their trip they would take turns picking out of the tin and discussing.."
The idea was such a success that Anastasia began packaging and manufacturing the product to share with others*. Today on Parcel Post, Audrey posted the questions and answers that I chose.....and you can check them out here
* these are great dinner party hostess gifts, you can find them on etsy or at Urbanic
Urbanic Paper Boutique
1644 Abbott Kinney Venice Beach, CA


Claire said…
What a simple but cool idea!
Anastasia said…
Hi Megan - this is Anastasia. Thanks so much for mentioning the conversation tin on your blog! I loved reading your responses on the Urbanic interview and am excited to keep up with your new posts. Your blog is really fun and inspiring.
VictoriaArt said…
This sounds great!
I saw thomething like this around the last holidays, a tin box with dinnertable question to Chistmas' or Hannukah themes...
But what a nice idea for a road trip!

: ) Victoria
Tracy said…
When my daughter made something like this in elementary school, we scoffed a little behind her back--"WE don't need a silly piece of paper to tell US what to talk about!"--but of course, we humored her. It was an unexpected hit. Her "conversation jar" made fairly regular appearances at the dinner table for a long time and, although I don't know what became of the jar itself, I know those little strips of paper are still scattered all over the bottom of our kitchen junk drawer.

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