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the shelter for abandoned chimneas
Honestly, those terra cotta chimneas, don't really work. Unless you're 6 inches away from one rubbing your hands together, and even then, after a few uses, the thing cracks. Fire pits are great. When they're not burning the crap out of your eyes from the smoke or until the next day when your new cashmere sweater has permanent camp fire odor. In the end, Heat Lamps are really the only way to go.
Except that they're so damn ugly. Until now.
Kindle Living has created an ingenious concept, sleeving the old utilitarian design with a beautiful outer layer and creating a glowing piece of functional art.
pretty. like a Jeff Koons sculpture.
sophisticated and swanky in black.
I predict these will start showing up at every palm springs, beverly hills, weho hotel and restaurant.
Not to mention, having an outdoor evening wedding? please. is there any other option? you can rent them here.
oooooooh. glowy goodness.
we need this. found here.
And check out their other products
Kindle Living


Amy said…
Those are cool - much nicer than the old school heaters that look like bug magnets!
My only experience with them is at horse shows (smudge pots) and whatever they use on the roof bar of The Standard in LA. These are swank and totally on the list of stuff I absolutely need and will never have!
Sarah's Fab Day said…
These look so much better! It's a wonder that they make something look good sooner.
Pigtown-Design said…
See... the thing about summer back east is that it doesn't cool down at night, it's still in the 90's with matching humidity. and if it's been cool enough to have a heater, then we're not eating outside. we're such weather wimps.

but these are great-looking!
kelleyp said…
great design find. although i must stand up for the chiminea. love mine and have had it for at least 3 years--no cracks yet.

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