on ondine

A long time familiar name in the tv/film industry {'Sex and the City' set design, bravo's 'Top Design' -- most noteably} Ondine Karady's work is always a great mix of high end-low end furnishing { great at the treasure hunt }
and masterful use of punchy color. { A little raspberry Arne Jacobsen egg chair, beams from a corner }
more ::::here::::
ondine karady.
just found out, via twitter follower 'bubbreport' that Odine's wedding photos can be found at the nytimes on line.
so pretty.


shanon said…
Such a lovely style and a pretty wedding to boot! =)
Linda Merrill said…
I followed Ondine on Top Design and had never seen her wedding photos. They're fantastic! Love, love, the bridal party pic. What a fantastic classic, yet comfortable look!
Leah said…
Her work on Top Design was uneven, but I flipped when I saw pix of her NYC apartment awhile back. Girl has some serious style.
g. said…
I like her style better now that I saw these images. Thanks!

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