it's a pool.
floating over the entrance of the house.
the shaw house, vancouver patkau architects


whoa. trippy shot. have you noticed how many underwater shoots have been used in ad campaigns & catalogs lately? The new Anthro & Nordy's both have it - very cool.
Lucinda said…
I love this, and especially love the color it cats on the entryway.
Now way. Enough things threaten to fall on my head out of nowhere already. Why invite the devil in? :) Be well, The Hostess
i love this! this would definitely make skinny dipping a little more interesting :)
Mrs. Blandings said…
This is when I want blogger to have one of those little thumbs up buttons.
Meg said…
so insane, love it! How refreshing looking!
Oh I love this! I'd have my tripod and camera ready 24/7 ...can you imagine all the great shots you could have!
Katherine Lee said…
whoah.... thats incredibly trippy! you have to wonder on an engineering level how the heck they pulled that off!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)
Karena said…
How cool is that! Love it Megan!
DIY said…
Is that a swimming pool.....on the roof?

Neat idea
Emily said…
The coloring is amazing, the lighting would be fabulous, however, I would always wonder if the mailman was coming early..... -e

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