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The Palmtag, Muzzio, Bowen mansion

Sitting atop 4 acres of a Northern California knoll, skirted by organic farm land, within audible distance of the Pacific crashing at its feet, sits a beautifully restored, old sister of a manse.
want it?
2.7 mill. will get you this beauty. As I found out when the real estate link was recently sent to me by a friend, claiming she'd do unscrupulous things to own this house {considering her bank account wouldn't support it} And who can blame her. I might even have to rally her on to follow through.
The house originally sat in the nearby town of Watsonville Califorinia just East of its present location.
Commissioned in 1872 by German immigrants, Christian and Fredricka Palmtag, the Italianate Victorian was designed by a local architect for the couple who owned a brewery. Mr Palmtag died at age 49 leaving the home to Mrs Palmtag, who continued living in the house until her death in 1911. Angelina Muzzio, a widow, purchased the mansion in 1918. She supported her family by hosting elegant gatherings and banquets, serving wine even during Prohibition. She raised three daughters and lived in the house until her death in 1985.
As time went on and the house sat empty, the Muzzio family agreed to sell the property to the city of Watsonville as long as they'd give the house away to a chosen applicant. The house was awarded to the Bowen family in 1998~ who won it for $1.00 {yes, that's: four quarters}.
The Bowens, had it moved to its current location and set about to completely restore it.
The site where the property once stood, in Watsonville, CA is now an unnamed playground:
Much of the outside of the house remains similar to its original state, however major repairs were necessary as the house sustained damage in the big 1989 Loma Prieta quake.
The majority of the ornamentation on the inside of the house is modern and was implemented by the Bowen family who believed that the Palmtag's would have appointed such features, had they not run out of money for the project.
a 900 square foot carriage house was also added to the property.
the parlor:
the dining room:
the kitchen:
master bedroom:
the carriage house addition: ready to buy it?
87 Sanderling Hill, La Selva Beach.

4 bedrooms, 2½ baths, 2,850 square feet, plus carriage house.

contact: Heather Fuller, Sothbey's international


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Anonymous said...

OMG that place is amazing. Why have movies not been filmed there. It is the perfect setting for a mysterious love story don't you think.

The detail is just, well beyond my words, and the breathtaking setting is....again, beyond my words.

Thanks so much for telling us about it.

Tricia - Avolli

Anonymous said...

Just because I'd throw my entire life (2 wonderful daughters, brilliant/handsome/creative/loving boyfriend, great old farmhouse 5 mins. from the ocean) to the wind and run off with the first man who can afford this house and buy it for me makes me unscrupulous?

C'mon Meg, you'd do the same thing. Okay, maybe not.

mama wants more said...

if only...if only. And in such a beautiful part of the state too.

Debra said...

I've had a picture of that beautiful home on my fridge for months, it's our dream house!!!

Linda Merrill said...

I'd do unscrupulous things to own a house like that too!!! Gorgeous!

beachbungalow8 said...

I wasn't even going to call out those unsavory ill gotten 'plans' little miss anonymous!

But yes, of course I'd completely champion you in those efforts, because then I'd have another beautiful old house to visit you in!.

Cote de Texas said...

oh my. what to do, what to do.

should I really go tart myself up and walk up and down So. Main street tonight? Is it really worth it.

Ok, I'll go get dressed. or should I say, undressed.

columnist said...

How clever to move it. And how clever to move it to a fantastic spot. The bones of the house are perfect, and I thoroughly approve of the ornmamentation.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the post! Now I have to clean the drool off of my keyboard...

mary said...

What is the rule on squatters in California. Oh, what a house...

Karena said...

Wonderful home and I love the location. I miss the west coast even though KC is home!

DIY claire said...

Yes, it is rather nice.

I wonder what it's value is? Not that I could afford it.

Megan said...

Wow that home is amazing and yes I would join in on the unscrupulous behavior. Maybe we could all band together...

Linda/"Mom" said...

* ANONYMOUS has me "just a chucklin' away" here~~~ think she needs to start a BLOG~~~ a great wit!!!~~~

And our dearest JONI??? In MY case, I'd have to "earn" that money by making sure I keep M*Y clothes O*N!!!

SUUUCH a DELIGHTFUL read and those VIEWS???? Yeah, well, OMG..."DUH"!!!

THANKS soooo much ~ What a TREAT!!!

Linda in AZ *

loren weltsch said...

love this house and the history of the house makes it extra special. too bad i don't have 2.7 million!

[ 3 d b l u r ] said...

Graphic delightfulness in a historic charmer! Did you catch the microwave on the chair? So much real estste... so little time...

Paper Ice Cream said...

I was so excited to come across this post. My family has a house in Watsonville. I have spent many summers enjoying that region. Not only is it nice to know a little history, but that house is amazing! The story reminds me of another house right near ours. It is old and has been rundown and a foundation is raising money to bring it back to it's original splendor. At first I thought this might be it....

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