red hot

may we all be so fortunate and fabulous at any age.
fashion designer, pauline trige´re


...Oh. She just ooozes style and confidence...and RED. Lotsa red! GREAT image!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Not on my best day - but, with any luck, by the time I am her age I will have that many bracelets.
soodie :: said…
i think i am already going to start dressing like this and fine me a pair of tinted reading glasses. she was unbelievably fabulous. thing is, i want to dress like her and sip on a cocktail as i play shuffle board with my old lady friends. seriously.
Sarah's Fab Day said…
She is fabulous. I wonder when I will embrace my slowly greying hair?
Karena said…
Quite elegant and a woman who knows what she likes!
This sort of reminds me of something I joke about to my daughter, who works with me. I tell her that when I'm too old to work I'll come into the office with my poodle and pearls and check up on her! (At this point I own Labs so that makes it even funnier!)

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