the skirted round table- all new - decorating on a budget

It's a fun filled gab fest when Joni, Linda and myself discuss, decorating on a budget .
Wise advice such as don't fill your home with 'crap' just because it's cheap and you need a fix. yes, use the word 'crap'!!!! {definitely one of our edgier shows}
Join us tomorrow as we discuss an all new topic, the use of photos and images on blogs. snap!
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I just discovered the Skirted Roundtable. How fun! Really enjoyed listening to your conversation today.
pve design said…
My Mother taught me that money spent is not money saved. Often times we are better walking away from junk and going to a museum and filling our mind with rare beauty. Quality stands the test of time vs. quantity. Enjoyed the podcast.
Your photography is gorgeous. Give yourself more credit! I love them. Post more! LP
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I've been having fun listening to your discussions. I haven't listened to them all but I particularly liked the first one. I'm always interested to find out what makes people decide to start blogging.
VictoriaArt said…
I love to listen o all of you, it is a lot of fun!


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