Today, I'm babysitting

Today might have been one of the hardest assignments of my blogging career. Petunia Faced Girl invited me to join her cru, guest writing while she's away in Costa Rica.
If you read Susannah's blog, you'll understand why I might have sat here last night and the night before, with total blank, blogger's block, pre-empted by performance anxiety. { And my own personal issue of not letting people down } Susannah knows how to write. I mean really. write. As in: I'm laughing and tear eyed leaving stupid personal comments whenever I read her posts. And her audience expects no less. Numb with anxiety, I called upon my fellow guest bloggers to come to my aid.
"Help! Anyone wanna switch days with me??" I replied-all. Greatly relieved, I found that I wasn't alone in this anxiety.
One of my favorite replies came from Jules of pancakes & french fries:
Some ideas that I was thinking about for you while I looked at carrots in the supermarket:
1. Since her pictures are always SO BIZARRE, what about a post on 10 ten weird things you'll find (or Susannah is probably visiting) in Costa Rica?
2. 10 ten weirdest images ever posted on Petunia Face
3. 10 incredible Petunia Face posts that give me writer's block on the one day she asks me to guest post
In a moment of panic, I fumbled and tripped, sort of apologizing and owning up to my in-awe-ness of the great Petunia Faced Girl, and in the end, I gave the people a garden party. I avoided any funny business, as there's rarely anything more cringe inducing than someone trying to match a pro's funny-ness.
so, if you'd like to see more, please go >>here<<
oh, and here are a few of my favorite Petunia Faced Girl moments:
when I grow up
the first one's free {written by her dad}
a post about camel toes and karma
3 {beautifully written tribute to her daughter}


krista said…
i'm totally an accidental photographer. and i also have no idea how people make those tiltshift pictures. so i cheat and use this site:
Jules said…
Good grief pray for me. I'm up on Friday.

Question: How does a sardonic, yet polite mouthed, blogger write a compelling post for a woman who once wrote about a life size vagina on a bicycle?

There is no right or wrong answer.

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