Blog Out Loud

The event went better than we could have ever expected. Our panel of bloggers was full of great knowledge to impart. Even the audience had so much to share. I learned of some really strong talent that's out there, and am look forward to sharing it with you next week.
The beautiful Patio Culture was the perfect setting for a warm summer evening's soiree. We had a great camera crew, filming the whole event and we will soon have video content to share with you.
We missed all of you who could not attend, but we will be doing more of these, so stay tuned!
special thanks to Vanessa de Vargas for the photos. More can be found at her blog *here*


Turquoise said…
BTW- the way the El Pollo Loco banner discussion was quite amusing!
Karena said…
Looks like so much fun!!You girls are all darling!
Looks like fun! And you look way cute in glasses, by the way. Hope all is well! -Brittany
Thank you for the great panel...this is my first comment thanks to you! Can't wait for the next one!

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