creating an eddy ~ Eddie Ross on The Skirted Round Table

Long before the designer competed on Bravos 'Top Design' Eddie Ross was creating a vibe in the world of design and the art of living. With his year old blog and his collaboration with partner Jaithan Kochar, he's creating a serious stir. Listen as Eddie tells us what this past year has brought for him, how he does that magic that he does and what's next for this power couple. {I promise, you're going to need a nap when you hear these guys' schedule ~T I R E L E S S }


La Maison Fou said…
A nice article, but the bust is truly amazing. I wish it were in my living room right about now!
Shandell's said…
Love the podcast, great to hear everyone having a great time with Eddie & Jaithan
Thanks for the 'heads up'. I'll listen in the morning when I'm fresh and less likely to need a nap. :)
pve design said…
I have had the pleasure of attending a "brunch" at their home and on my goodness, the love, the fun, the open hearts that they have is wonderful... they are open minded and so warm!
Eddie Ross has a great fold out in the new Country Living and I think the most excellent bookshelf tableaux I've seen. Bravo! You and I must be on the same wavelength as I was just checking ou the same lensman Domino spread.
Anonymous said…

You have been such an inspiration for us! Thank you for such a great conversation the other night and a very sweet post!

Eddie + Jaithan

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