Oddly provocative,
the use of a, non-Chinoiserie, utilitarian cage- over a light.
courtsey of brownturtle neck sweater
Little Edie fashioned one over her bed....
The guys at repop ny re-work and re-wire:
above photos from naked apartments.
In my opinion, courtney did it the best:


Lauren said…
thanks for putting the link to courtney's blog- i hadn't seen the new pics before!!

i've been listening to the skirted round table & am now addicted!!! love it!! :)
erika said…
I agree with your opinion!
Courtney said…
AHHHHHH THAT'S MEEEEEEE!!! You're too kind to me, Megan! Thanks a million and I must say...I'm sitting next to some nice company in those inspiration pics :) Seriously thanks for the love. xx
Karena said…
Love the 4th image. I also have a birdcage on the deck and it will soon be filled with candles!

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