cat fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

Capturing images through what seems like that slow, mote filled shaft of summer light, Lens man Matt Albiani {for domino} managed to create the feeling of hot still July air, the smell of old sun dried wood and long afternoon naps.


Yep! ..still love that yellow & black/chevron & stripe deck scene.
Ah! These are beautiful.

I want to dive into that bed! (Although the Californian in me worries about that large glass vase overhead.)

Thank you for sharing Matt's talent, I'm off to explore his work further.

Take care,

Stephanie Kim said…
i looove all those pillows and chairs on the deck...oh that would be my ideal living condition...
Karena said…
Love the outdoor lounge scenery in yellows. I am into yellows lately!
mary said…
Yep, those are very Proustian (sp?)("one sense evoques another"--just about all I remember from Proust) photos. They smell like the East Coast, especially Florida. Thanks for reminding me.
beachbungalow8 said…
that chevron stripe('Aga Reverse' China Seas for Quadrille) was on the front cover of this issue too. It's such a great graphic fabric.

Mary, I love your Proustian Memory comparison! one begets the other for sure. I'm like that with smells big time. But that borders on Pavlovian~

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