home made shhhtuff

home made stuff that puts the old, shrinky dink key chain, to shame.


La Maison Fou said…
Really like the pea necklace, how interesting with the silver and colored green peas. I took metal smith / jewelrymaking in college it is an interesting genre in art. I also like the blue / chocolate booties ...my "Granny" used to make booties like these for grandchildren, gifts and dolls! Ooohh the memories!
Lisa said…
Great stuff here. Hey congratulations on a sucessful
Blog Out Loud!
Wish i could have been there, looks like a fun & interesting group.
Job well done!
anne said…
The little booties are darling. While I know I could figure them out, it would sure be nice to have a pattern. And I'm going to find one.

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