Join us on The Skirted Round Table- Southern Accents' Editor in Chief, Karen Carroll

photo credit: Jen Gotch
I love it when we have company. Love it.
This week tune in as Southern Accents', Editor in Chief, Karen Carroll, joins Linda, Joni and me, for a bit of the chat. Karen, shares her great insight on what makes such a distinguished publication with such a loyal readership, continue to churn out, consistently fresh content. She also talks about her love of blogs and how they've affected the world of Interior Design and her own enjoyment of blogging on the site's "Miss Gracious Living"
If you haven't seen the great blog on Southern Accents website, have a look.


Karen said…
Megan, thanks so much for letting me join in the group this week. Loved chatting with all of you -- and love your blog. Hope to meet you in Kansas City (or L.A.) one day soon! Take care, Karen
beachbungalow8 said…
what a fantastic guest you were. Of course, after the fact, I have all kinds of questions that I should have thought to ask when you were on! Typical of me.

We were very fortunate to have you grace our 'table'
Pigtown-Design said…
I can't wait to hear this. Karen's a charm!
Visual Vamp said…
This was the best round table yet!
xo xo

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