lovely letto

The other day a friend sent me this photo,
asking if it was I who had sent it to her. No, not me but those beds are really cool, if you find the source, lemme know. A few days later she sent me this link, which made them even cooler {by proxy}.
who wants to go to Tuscany?


Mrs. Blandings said…
Megan - there is an Italian black metal painted bed like this right now at Mission Road (no jazzy red trim) for @ 700 clams.

I know.
Linda/"Mom" said…
* Me, me, me, me me, please!~*
Bri said…
I do! Pick me, pick me!
beachbungalow8 said…
Jennie,did you hear that? Your mom can pick something like this up for 700.00 dollars.

I wish I could do a beachbungalow8 Tuscany give away! what a blast that would be. Although, I'd have to tag along.
Anonymous said…
I thought we agreed that it MUST have red?!! Still, I would check those out.
Anonymous said…
Those two rooms look like the exact same rooms but with different furnishings...don't you agree?

Yes, Tuscany sounds lovely right now...week two of rain in the northeast and I am ready to loose my mind!

Tricia - Avolli
For further drooling:

A Tuscan or Umbrian villa...take me there now please.
nicolette said…
Which company produces these beds? I would love to see the beds featured in a larger space. The design is very detailed. A secret admirer perhaps?

beachbungalow8 said…
Jennie, I still stand by the red detail. But that's an easy fix.

Tricia, I think it's probably a similar room in the house. check out the website, it's a wonderful spot.

Nicolette, I have no idea! but if anyone out there does, I think we'd all love that source
I've been dreaming about a Tuscan trip (maybe with a little Venice side trip?). Thank you for sharing those beautiful beds and the link. What a gorgeous place. I can taste the red wine now....

mary said…
I have a "thing" about beds--daybeds, antique iron (french) beds, canopy beds, campaign beds, Federal beds, most Louis beds and especially 19th c. Italian tole beds.... thanks for showing these. Now I'm more addicted than ever.
Ruth Olbrych said…
Watching the movie Under the Tuscan Sun always spurs on to think about a move to Tuscany, and showcasing these Tuscany styled beds just adds to that, now doesn't it?
Eye drawn to the floral chest in the first photo (with the saddle on it)as it resembles some of the mongolian pieces we carry. What a nice way to mix it up but have it all so cohesive as well.
Very beautiful - our friend is in Italy now for a month, lucky gal!
Patrice said…
Nice post. However, it would have been better if the photos are taken on a bigger size for us to really appreciate how beautifully designed those beds are.


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