more projects for a rainy day

ok, I lied, I'm not done.
That last post begot several emails regarding the Mary McDonald filing cabinet project:
and then there was this one by Casapinka. The Orla Kiely refrigerator. It's like a big present that you keep on opening.
I have no idea how she did this. It's wallpaper.
But how she applied it, is beyond any skill set that I might have. She did mention that she might post a tutorial. In general, if you're not familiar with Casapinka, she does really innovative DIY projects -like this one, so it's worth tooling around over there just for fun.


Mrs. Blandings said…
Love casapinka. Such a distinct style and so much ENERGY!
The chinoiserie filing cabinet reminds of a longtime feature in "Maison Fran├žaise," in which designers were sent to the flea market to pick up a few woeful items and remake them into wonderful things. It was the best thing about the magazine, in my opinion.
Blue Muse said…
Oooo I love that idea - the present you keep opening! You find and come up with the most clever ideas!
HOpe you're having a good day - After a morning of rain (again) the sun is just now starting to peek out down here. Hopefully it will stay!
xo Isa
Anonymous said…
This could be a good solution for anyone still suffering through an avocado colored appliance...although that doesn't appear to be the case here.

It's interesting...not for me so much but kudos for the idea, skilled application and courage!

Tricia - Avolli
An Orla Kiely fridge would make me smile every time I went into the kitchen!
casapinka said…
Thanks so much for the mention BB8! I actually tried to do my own version of Mary McDonald's filing cabinet a couple of years ago. Hers is much more sophisticad, of course but mine has held up well
Cote de Texas said…
I love Casapinka - such great memories from her original blog project with ATB. one of my first blogs to fall in love with!
The Lil Bee said…
I wish I would've seen this when I lived in the city and had the most boring white appliances ever in my tiny kitchen. Of course, I probably would've lost my security deposit, but it would've been worth it to look at something like this every day!
nicolette said…
I love how vibrant this piece is. Didn't recognize this as the refrigerator at first though.

beachbungalow8 said…
I love your blog casapinka! you're amazingly creative and innovative.

aesthete-I'd love to see some of those. I'm sure they're incredibly inspirational. I love the idea of 'woeful' castaways being given the pygmalion treatment.
Karena said…
I Will make time for this kind of project. Need to find just the right little table to transform. Maybe at Good JuJu

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