oly, oil paintings

pelican 40w x 60h framed
canada warbler, 48w x 48h
snowy owl painting, 48w x 36h framed
band tailed pigeon 48h x 48w
egret, 19h x 28w
white crowned sparrow, 48h x 48w
Bay area, Oly design studio has been been a favorite go-to resource for many of us who admire a mix of antique, modern and natural organic element in our furnishings.
I'm not even sure if this line of oils is new to their collection, but it's new to me and certainly captures the essence of their work on canvas, beautifully.


Sarah's Fab Day said…
These are gorgeous. I'm headed there to take a look right now. Thanks.
mary said…
Hi Megan, I love all great art. These paintings are inspired by 18th and 19th c. hand colored engravings. They are probably replicated in China......Why not go to the original hand-colored engravings? That way you retain the value of your investment or possibly increase it. And can add to a collection of engravings as more are discovered on inspired search missions. There is a subtleness in the original engravings that simply cannot be captured in replicated oils. But these Oly paintings due appear to be well done.
Loved the last "Skirted Round Table".
Thanks for all of your work and blogs.
LindsB said…
These are great, I love the colors in the first one- so pretty!
beachbungalow8 said…
Mary, you're so right. There seems to be a definite trend in art work inspired by 18th and 19th century treasures. I love how the reproductions are much larger and only a portion of the original piece. It creates a modern vibe to the look.

that said, I wholeheartedly agree, buy the real thing, if you can!
Karena said…
As you know Megan, Abstracts are my favorites, then botanical s, then fabulous paintings of birds like these. Audubon s are breathtaking of course! Thank you for sharing!
mary said…
Hi Megan, Yes, it is the scale of these paintings that is so intriguing!! Love good modern, too.

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