summer camp

photo credit: tim walker
ralph lauren, airstream
vintage, on ebay


Anonymous said…
I want to transport to the Ralph Lauren image. Except I would probably put the flag pillows in the campfire. Sorry, Ralph!

Anonymous said…
Love that Ralph Lauren airstream. Ah, the joys of summer camp...great post!

Eddie + Jaithan
Seriously wanting the Airstream right about now! Great post.
Karen said…
My camping never looked quite like this, unfortunately. Love the Ralph Lauren Airstream!
Anonymous said…
This was a lovely cubicle vacation - thanks so much!
Karena said…
Wonderful! The airstream is a dream I do love that vintage blanket!
beachbungalow8 said…
I always cried when I went to camp, too home sick! But I love all of these shots and the 'idea' of new hampshire family summer camps and such.
nicolette said…
There is a classy, warm feeling to this home. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

Such a fantastic round-up! Adore the Ralph Lauren airstream. Thanks for the link-love :)

Have a lovely weekend,

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