Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fyndes monthly give away

I love the site Fyndes, it's like stumbling into a hip, warehouse filled with individual boutiques ranging from funky, vintage finds to fabulous fine arts and antiques. Pretty much the gamut. With prices that make shopping attainable at any level.
If you're on their mailing list you get the regular updates, BUT you also get to be part of their monthly give-away. Sort of like the business card in the fish bowl concept. Only, you don't receive a free plate of fajitas if your name is drawn. The first giveaway begins today and is a beautiful, brass-cast seed pod from the renowned, Los Angeles floral designer, Krislyn Komarov. This unique, decorative object is cast from a real seed pod and poured from solid brass. It measures 6.5" long, 4" wide and 3.5" high. The brass pod's retail price is $315. All you have to do is register at and your name will be entered into a drawing. No purchase is necessary. The winner will be selected at random and notified on 15th August 2009.


Mimi said...

Thanks for resource...I just added into my little black book!
Very cool "fyndes". ;)

Karena said...

I just registered at Fyndes. How unique and organic. I love these! Thanks Megan!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Thanks Megan for the intro to this talented artist & to the great website-Fyndes. Krislyn's work is incredible.

beachbungalow8 said...

ooh. good hope one of you wins!

Blue Muse said...

I absolutely love this little goodie. Yummy.
xo isa
Megan, come throw you name in the hat at my place.

Down Comforter said...

Thanks for sharing! I might not have been so generous. :-)

down pillow said...

What a great place! I just registered. Thanks for the heads up!

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