happy 4th

when it came to the 4th of july, i wasn't the pyro in our house. that was my brother (who once cut a hole in the middle of a hardback dictionary, placed a brick of black cats and lit the fuse--good times) no, i was the little kid, content with waving the sparklers- big circles, zig-zags, my name, your name, back to zig-zags.

frankly, the other kind scared the beejezus out of me. but i did love the aftermath: the miasmic haze of spent fireworks, wafting through the air, *slow, inhale* ....*exhale* ahhhhhh... "summer" . and i especially loved the discarded packaging. beautifully odd. foreign. usually Chinese. was the art made for fireworks? how did they randomly choose the names? the best, art direction, by far was 'black cat'.

with the recent out law of fireworks, these are definitely relics from summer days gone by. so peruse. choose your favorite. and have fun spelling your name with sparklers.


Ivy Lane said…
Happy 4th of July! Ahhhh...the bike parade and sparklers..thanks for bringing back such fond memories! I loved those daze!!!
Great post Megan. Times have really changed. The fourth certainly brings back so many terrific memories. I use to blow of "slugs" with firecrackers..how gross is that?! I will forever be a sparklers girl though. Good times! Happy 4th to you & all the best creating new memories.
mary said…
That is exactly what Jones and I intend to do!!!!!! Have a great 4th!
Kelly said…
happy 4th! thanks for bringing back the memories of those smells, too :)

I have such wonderful memories of the 4th.
It still is one of my favorite holidays. The beach, the barbeque, the fireworks. Now I have the pleasure of seeing my children fall in love with this holiday too.
Happy 4th, Megan.

anne said…
I miss those days of bottle rocket fights, a home made bomb blowing a small hole in my leg, Enzo Fatica taping an M80 to a can of spray paint, lighting it and throwing it into the air. It was beautiful, like Las Vegas. And the smell. Oh, the smell. I was pining last night.
Cote de Texas said…
my brother and i decided to light the sparklers INSIDE the house. it burned little pinpoints all over our new formica. we didn't know it but the next day my mother almost came unglued over the marks. they never went away. heheh. why would you light sparklers in a house?

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