Walk with Sally~White Light White Night

As some of you know my husband, Nick Arquette, created a non-profit mentoring program supporting children whose families are dealing with cancer. Having lost his own mother to cancer at a young age, Nick knew how much the support of an adult who has gone through this tragic loss, would be valued. From this, "Walk With Sally" was created.
Over the weekend, Walk With Sally held their annual, 'White Light, White Night' fundraiser. With everyone wearing white, over 700 people gathered to enjoy food, drink and an amazing concert with Gavin Rossdale. The energy in the air was unsurpassable. Friends and supporters gathered together on the warm breezy evening, while the mountains of Los Angles, stood behind us, bathed in the lavender glow of the sunset. All in all a magical night.
one of the more powerful moments was Gavin {and audience} covering, Stevie Nicks, "Landslide":
Walk With Sally.org


Meg said…
Wow, that is amazing of your husband. What a lovely event!
Interesting. I love him and I love that song. I can't understand what he's saying at the beginning!
Courtney said…
Y'all are awesome -- and an unbeatable duo, that's for sure! What a wonderful cause and looks like a heck of a party.
mary said…
Such a wondeful night for a wonderful cause....thank your husband for all of us who have gone through this. My children were all in college and I was so thankful they dealt with things as well as could be expected. Yesterday was my birthday and I treat each year now as a bonus!!

Thanks again for supporting so many with this great charity.
beachbungalow8 said…
Meg, Nick is really quite amazing. When I first met him and he told me of how he was taking a sad thing and making it happy for everyone else...I was so inspired.

L.D.D.- No idea either! but damn, it was moving.

Court- it was an amazing party, everything came together beautifully.

Mary, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and big hugs.
Pigtown-Design said…
What an amazing man! You must be so proud of him.
Urban Farmhouse said…
I lovely thing to listen to this morning and what a beautiful thing your husband has done!! Truly one of today's heroes!
Gretchen said…
Megan, my boyfriend is so hot I will totally share him with you! What an awsome event. xo
beachbungalow8 said…
gretch, you always had the hottest boyfriends, thanks for sharing with the rest of us : )
Cote de Texas said…
Wow. That was so generous of him to give his time to Nick's charity! I didn't realize he was like that. Makes me admire him so much for that.

What a beautiful night- Nick must be so proud.

but why were his nipples erect?

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