Tuesday, August 4, 2009

anonymously kind

It's hot, even at the beach. It's August. The back of my neck is damp with sweat. Windows are cranked, wide open, the fan whirrs behind me but still, not enough air. The kids are arguing over something insipid, my stomach growls but I'm too tired and hot to go make myself lunch. These are the dog days of summer. And it can make mama a bit cranky on some days.
But then you run across something like this: 'secret agent L', and the heavy pall of the summer afternoon crumbles away, and like a breathe of fresh air- you're invigorated all over again.
a blog dedicated to simple, anonymous act of kindness {imagine that fellow bloggers, anonymous and kindness, really can be used in the same sentence}
Secret Agent L is the moniker for a doer of kind deeds, who leaves little words of love and encouragement - and the occasional gift. Not asking that the recipient do anything in return - but imagine what the world might be like if they did... With my kids driving me bonkers with 'nothing to do' this week, this blog has inspired us.
We're planning our own little Secret Agent 8 deposit at undisclosed location near the sea. Check back for photos....


Secret Agent L said...

Miss Megan!

Secret Agent L is flattered and overjoyed that you posted about her mission on your blog! Hooray for kindness and all manner of spreading it!

Secret Agent L will be officially recruiting Affiliated Agents all over the globe soon (once her blog gets its professional makeover, which is currently in progress). But for now, she invites you and your family to be Affiliated Agents and the start spreading that kindness where you are!

Secret Agent L will email to you a PDF of the Secret Agent L business card, which you can print out on cardstock (using the fabulous "double-sided" feature on your printer settings) and attach to any kind gesture you all feel like making/doing. Check your email!

In the name of kindness and all things good and lovley,

Secret Agent L

b. said...

how fun and thoughtful... this is how we all should be!!! and what a great thing to teach children! xo.

Petunia Face said...

I LOVE this kind of thing! I did someting similar once--just a nice note to whomever found it, and I couldn't help myself from standing behind a tree and watching the person who found it. I've been wanting to do this again in some small way--thanks for the reminder that niceness exists!

mary said...

I went immediately to this blog to sign up, yes a few people can change the world. Thank you for the direction.

krista said...

i definitely needed to read this today. i'm going to make up some anonymous kindnesses to leave around town. right now.

Cote de Texas said...

You are such a good mom. Reminds me of a grandmother down here who goes and gets a few store bought sand dollars to put on the beach for the kids to "find" (we are woefully lacking on seashells here!)

I need to go check this blog out.

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