Monday, August 17, 2009

mission accomplished and cupcakes too.

A few weeks ago I posted about a website, dedicated to preforming random acts of kindness under the guise of being a secret agent of love. Secret Agent L.
After posting about it, the head Agent, sent me an invitation to become an Affliated Agent. An accomplice in sharing the kindness. And If I agreed to take this challenge, would I please leave one of the official cards.
Today was a long day. Summer for us, isn't over for a few more weeks. While, Henry James may have said, 'Summer Afternoon, the two most beautiful words in the English language" I say, hot. cranky. bored children. why oh why didn't I cover August with camps.
We sat at the kitchen table eating our lunch of tuna fish salad sandwiches, one nit picking everything the other was doing or saying. ENOUGH. It was then that I felt that this little tribe needed a shot of kindness, right through the heart. Perfect timing for our mission of kindness. we hunted for the perfect saying, and using one of my Wiley & Valentine letterpress cards {yes, that's a plug}, we wrote out our chosen words.
Then we added a $5.00 gift card {not supposed to go over $5.00 if you add something of monetary value} and slipped it into the envelope and took off for the Pier.
The adrenaline started rising, we chose the first bench and sat.
my two accomplices. acting, 'cool' at my directive.
I'm a shenanigan prankster, from way back, so with authority, I hushed, 'be cool, be cool'. We set our little gift down,
and with all the coolness an 8 year old and an 11 year old could muster, we sauntered off down the pier. Oh, but it was hard, lots of obvious glances over the shoulder {god, I'm so glad I didn't hang out with these two clowns in highschool. We never would have gotten away with anything} about 5 minutes later a woman and her friend, on CRUTCHES no less, sat down. we couldn't have written this better. They read it, we couldnt' really tell if they were blown away by our kindness or a little freaked out {we were a bit too far away to tell } and then we slipped into the aquarium for a little fish time.
It's a bit disconcerting that this guy may be slithering about our legs as we frolic in the froth.
On the way home my 11 year old, said, 'I just feel this all over rush of happiness'. Her sister, grabbbed my hand and said, 'Let's go get cupcakes ' Mission accomplished, and a beautiful Summer Afternoon.
If you're interested in becoming an Affliate Agent go to the website here. And let me in on the ruse. I love this kind of thing!


Lisa said...

Megan I just love this, we are in the "home from vacation, now prepare for school" ratty zone...this might be just the ticket! Thanks for spreading the news & the great photos too! So many memories of the pier, at 2yrs. Taylor would insist on walking all the way down & back with me navigating behind with the sandy umbrella stroller. It was a guaranteed nap when she got home!
I'm off to become an agent...

ACCIDENTAL Chic said...

This is so inspiring! Imagine if each and every one of us took the time to do this just once? Cheers to you and your girls!

Beth said...

I love this story! This is similar (or the same) as something I heard about a few months back called random acts of art. I love the idea of making something and leaving it in a public place to be found by a stranger. I have made a few felt bookmarks and left them in books at my local library. But I would like to do more. Thank you for the reminder! I'm going to put this on my To Do list for the coming week.

cheers, Beth

Mrs. Blandings said...

Sometimes it's hard to be cool when you are doing something so cool.

mary said...

What a wonderful story...little girls on a mission. Changing the focus to giving kindness and off of "me" such a gift to everyone. You inspire me.

Karena said...

Megan, this is the best "pay it forward" idea ! I will join in right now!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

LOVE this! Oh how I wish you were able to snap a pic of the finders face!

Love how it changed the kidlets outlook too!

Fun on a stick.

Meg said...

So cute!!!! I LOVE This!!! ;)

Kim Klassen said...

Hi Megan
thank you for posting the secret agent post...and sharing your "assignment". It was very inspiring! I hope to be a secret agent too. I feel inspired to do something similar and share it on my blog as well. I love how the blogging world tends to make such a big world sooo small.

I loved that you were able to include your 2 daughters in the mission!

What a perfect start to my day!

take care, Kim

Richie Designs said...

Love love love this

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Megan, I LOVE THIS!! My daughter and I committed the occasional random act of kindness when she was small and I'm told that she and her friends (all in college now) will sometimes leave encouraging notes and drawings to be found by strangers. But to be part of a secret agency... I'm in if Agent L will have me!
Good for you to have spread the love inside as well as outside your home. Your kids may not be conventionally "cool", but they're learning the kind of cool that really counts.

nicolette said...

Great job. We all need a random act of kindness in our lives, and I'm glad that you girls are so willing to give it to others.


Living and Loving In L.A. said...

How sweet are you! That's such an amazing thing to do, and with the children, no less. Teaching them kindness is an amazing thing. You should feel very, very proud.

kelleyp said...

just love this idea. feel sometimes my two girls (ages 7 & 9) feel such a sense of entitlement--it drives me crazy. this is just the thing that would be fun and show them how to be kind to others.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I just love this! I want to do something like this around the December holidays...who couldn't use a little extra cheer (and a not cup of soup) then? Thanks for posting this.

DolceDreams said...

Oh I love it, what a wonderful idea...headed right over to their site and am awaiting my reply!
I miss my Santa Monica kids were at the carousel every day...
Dolce Dreams

Vicky said...

This is way too cute and those pictures are adorable.

Renae said...

I so understand your plight when the "natives" get restless before school starts and summer seems forever. Hang in there girl. What a fabulous way to get your girls to think beyond themselves. I love this idea and sent a message to be a secret agent too!

btw...I live in Atlanta now....not forever though, need to go west, CO or WA!

Secret Agent L said...

i'm loving you all so much from afar, i almost can't even handle it.

can't. even. handle. it.

you're all lovely and beautiful, and i look forward to having you in my Army of Agents for Kindness!

{and many, many thanks, miss megan, for sharing me on your blog. i'm blushing bunches. and feeling so much love.}

smooches to all,
Secret Agent L

Cote de Texas said...

you are such a great mom! loved this. really loved this.

LindsB said...

This is so great- what a wonderful summer afternoon for sure!

Windlost said...

Oh, I think that is just the loveliest thing. What a wonderful gift. A couple of years ago I got one of those pay-it-forward gifts in Boston when I was driving there. I was a nervous wreck (I'm from a small Canadian city and was there on business for two weeks so had a rental car). Anyway, I go through a toll booth onto the Mass turnpike and the guy in front of me paid my toll. The lady said "that van just paid your toll". It was such a wonderful feeling...

Since then I did it a couple of times at coffee drive-thru's (we have the very famous Tim Hortons in Canada) and it is such a rush. Funny how something so small can mean so much. I have had some pretty crummy days and something like this can really make your heart sing.

What a beautiful thing you did!

P.S. I am coming over here after listening to all the Skirted Roundtables. I used to visit your blog in the early days a lot - I've been blogging 3 yrs now but rather low profile as I am not a designer just an ID enthusiast! - it is nice to hear your design voice and visit your blog again.

Have a great rest o' week, Terri

Ruth Olbrych said...

Just saw this posting now (yes, a bit back logged)and can not not leave a comment.
Loved the way you teed it up with the girls and their "pre mission" attitude...anyone with kids can relate to the "tone' that was present.
Good on you and thank you so much for sharing.

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