Tuesday, August 11, 2009

paper pastries

When Rebecca {loving.living.small} and I first concepted Blog Out Loud, I had a few people ask, 'Really? Why?' as if to ask, "What's in it for you?' Well, honestly, it's pretty much an altruistic effort. Just sharing the creative goodness of others, providing a forum for it all. So my answer is to that is, 'Why the heck not?'
What's beautiful about something like this is the generosity it has begotten. I'm overwhelmed by it really. It fills my heart to see handmade work, lovingly created to share with others.
This morning, I'm running up to Beverly Hills to pick up some of the goodies that have been created by one of our etsy contributors~ Paper Pastries. Margaret will be passing off the goods to me in the Whole Foods parking lot ~ I know, sounds shady ~ but in a very wholesome way. Whatever it takes, man.
I was blown away by what she's created for our gift bags. Check this out:
I have no idea what's wrapped within these beautiful craft paper folds, but I know it's going to be something lovely. Thank you Margaret!
and be sure to check out her etsy shop here.


loving. living. small. said...

Simply lovely! What a generous donation! xo

Petunia Face said...

Looks delish! I wish I had something to contribute--I mean, I knit, but honestly I would have to shoot speed to stay up for the next two weeks knitting all day and night in order to get anything like that done on time. Plus I just sort of knot the ends when I cast off, and I don't think anyone really wants a speedfreak, knotted scarf in their goodie bag.

But I will be there well-rested to speak!

Can't wait!

annechovie said...

These look amazing! I am dying to see what's inside.

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