Monday, September 28, 2009

featured in "In Her Shoes" at High Heeled Foot in the Door this week...

I was so flattered when Camilla at 'High Heeled Foot in The Door' asked me to be a part of her on going, 'In her shoes' series. When she first asked me back in May, the day that I chose to shoot {and every day is different for me} turned into a complete day of calamity.
Around noon, Nick, tore his Achilles tendon, jumping the fence to chase after our dog ~who had escaped. I was working with a client and had to abruptly leave after receiving a panicked phone call. In retrospect, this would have been a great day to document, lots of excitement, emergency surgery, casts, crutches and pain meds.
So, this time around I documented a rather mellow day. Nobody was hurt, full of sunshine and bike rides {and a bit of work}. Check in again as my partners at The Skirted Round Table will be submitting their own dalies as part of this charming feature Camilla's wondeful blog.

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Leigh Chandler said...

How much fun! You are so beautiful, but I know from cooresponding with you that your beauty starts from within! Congratulations on such a wonderful compliment - to have so many fans interested in a typical day in your life. It seems glamourous to me with the beautiful children, beach, independent work... what more could one ask for?

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