Wednesday, September 23, 2009

he takes stuff from his house and sticks it outside.

then takes pictures. Which, amazingly, turn out looking kind of cool in that really, static motion, inanimate object becomes living thing, sort of way { ya ok, whatever. }
Suddenly, task lighting become a research group on a hiking expedition through Antarctica,
or campers looking for the car keys Ron dropped last night after one too many 'brewski's
Vintage telephones becomes beached, animals in the frozen tundra.
Funny and beautiful.
The delightful work of Rune Guneriussen. See more here, much more.


tartanscot said...

Wow. seriously, wow.

Waxy said...

Very cool - although the desk lamps scare me a bit - they look like they could come alive and try to conquer the world...

brand-eye said...

this is really cool!

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