Thursday, September 17, 2009

the ipod stand - that you make yourself!

Those brilliant french designers have come up with another do it yourself, "you can totally make that" project......


Download here







>>> [Making Of] the Iphone paper dock


Nicolette said...

An ingenious concept from the designer. I'm pleasantly surprised, because I can totally make that.

Erin said...

VERY cool!!!

Fee said...

OHhhhh thats so clever.
I want one.

Fee x

Renae said...

Love this...sent it to my sons! I am probably one of a few that does not own an iPod...but I have an iPhone and it would probably work for that!

Meg said...

So cool! I love this, perfect gift for my brother in law! I envy the French and the Swedes who can design stuff like this, it seems as though it just comes naturally to them!

LifestyleBohemia said...

This is awesome!

Lisa said...

I'm listening to you @ SRT and commenting to you at the same time! I love technology! And I love this neat project. I'm showing it to the kids when they are done with school work today.
I always seem to visit you on Fridays so I don't know if your around, but Happy Friday anyway.
xo Lisa

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