Thursday, September 3, 2009

look on The Bright Side

"Once upon a time, it was very, very gloomy. The skies thundered, the economy crumbled, and people only spoke to grumble. Everything looked bleak, bleak, bleak.
Until one day, shortly after a market crash and right before another round of layoffs, a girl named Miss B. came up with a terrifically bright idea. As she later explained to her friend and business partner, Miss K., their mission would be to scour the world for the best in fashion, design, and d├ęcor. Then, one by one and everyday, they would give it all away to some very lucky people."

Hop on over to The Bright Side Project now, through tomorrow {9/4/09} and win a Paper Pastries "Sugar, Sugar" package - seen above, by answering these simple questions:

What old tradition (like letter writing) would you like to see make a huge comeback?

Whats the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail?

and while you're over there, check out the other fantastic give aways available right now, such as this, robin's egg blue and silver dictionary and thesaurus by Graphic Image { oddly, this mix of words and color makes me weak in the knees }


sarah @ realestatestyle said...

I;ve never seen such a cute thesaurus

Rebecca June said...

I cannot even recall the last time I used a PHYSICAL dictionary, but these are SOOOO pretty I may need to get one JUST IN CASE!


Rebecca June

Lisa said...

The best thing i ever received in the mail, via a truck, was my Granny's beautiful desk. This is where she sat & WROTE NOTES & LETTERS to everyone! I feel a post comming on...and how appropriate for I would also love those beauties above...especially the robin's egg blue!
Thanks Megan!

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