Monday, September 28, 2009

poster child

Always on the look out for affordable art, I was thrilled to have found this fantastic website. Founder Sonja Teri started this on-line comprehensive gallery of exclusive, limited edition, silk screened poster art.
The art ranges from work by Guerrilla artists such as Taki 183 {famous for his Graffiti art on 183rd street in Washington Heights } to the Octogenarian David Weidman, probably best known for creating 'Mr Magoo' and 'Rocky and Bullwinkle'.


erika said...

love these!!


Great pieces and great find! I love them

Karena said...

Fun, fun art! I love it!

vicki archer said...

Love the grizzly, xv.

Cristin said...

Fun colorful images! Thanks for sharing.

cristin @ simplified bee

Lauren said...

love these!!! especially the bear!! planning a nursery for baby #2 right now so must go check out!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the princess one - it reminds me of children's books from the 70s.

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