Monday, September 7, 2009

shauna and stephen's loft living

I'm certainly not the first to be captivated by the images of, Shauna Alterio & Stephen Loidolt {something's hiding in here} Philidelphia loft. Not by a long shot. You may remember this couple~those of the porch-swing-in-the-bedroom-heard-round-the-blog-world?
Every time I stumble across photos of their home, I find more to love about it. Every bit of the space seems, curated in this effortless kind of way that I, personally, would be hard pressed to attain. The kind of place, that if invited, I would want to be left alone, silently taking it all in. It's playful yet sophisticated in its intention... and not an inch of it predictable. Like a liveable design lab. The best foundation for any design direction, in my book.
One of the things that I admire is their innovation and resourcefulness. They depend largely on found items, ikea, craig's list, etc. the birds
and after....I'm not sure which I like more... maybe the after if only because I love the color, the new book shelf space and how well it showcases the globe collection.
all in all, gorgeous. creative and inspiring.
if you haven't already, check out their fantastic blog: something's hiding in here


LifestyleBohemia said...

I love the open feel. The brick, hanging swing and bird decals on the wall really do give an outdoor feel. Stunning space!

Karena said...

Really wonderful, so imaginative and the changes look great, Will visit their site right now.

mary said...

The new format with header is great!! Love the loft also.

b. said...

love the open-ness and uniqueness of it all. very cozy and inviting!

Developing Designs said...

Love the new bookcases, the color along with the addition of the rug adds warmth. You nailed it with this brilliant comment about this space: It's playful yet sophisticated in its intention... and not an inch of it predictable. Like a livable design lab.

Anonymous said...

very very anthro!!!!


Petit Elefant said...

I love the green wording on the wall in the living room, family room. Awesome.

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