Wednesday, October 28, 2009

::ann wood handmade::

I felt this to be the perfect week to share with you these exquisite pieces by artist Ann Wood. The owls, with wonderful names like, "Iago", "Mr. Guppy", "Pecksniff", "Rodrigo" and "Henchard" are made using found, vintage bits of Japanese boro textiles, paper mache´, Victorian bodice fabrics, Vintage buttons, World War I army blankets, even vintage threads. All are stuffed with wool and stand approx. 9"
I love this photo, depicting one of the owls in mid-creation. He looks as though he's wearing a monocle!
That face! and check out those talons. incredible.
These are just amazing. And, mostly sold, but you can get on Ann Wood's mailing list to be notified of updates. It's well worth hopping over to her site just to see the full breadth of her work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a foolish costume is the hobgoblin of little minds

Why don't kids wear homemade costumes anymore? What's cuter than the scene where Scout's wearing her giant ham costume?
If you answered this, no need to continue reading.
I can remember seeing The Dime Store window filled with boxes of costumes. The kind with the plastic eye-less faces staring out from the cellophane window. The one piece , non-flame retardant, tie in the back costume, folded up beneath.
Row after row of "Princess", "GI Joe", "Hobo" {'Hobo' how's that one for, vintage non-PC. These days would you really feel good about sending your kid down the street as 'homeless guy'?} , "Gypsy", "Clown" vacant, holes staring back at me. This may have been the beginning of my DIY attitude. Because even back then, holding my mom's hand as we'd walk by, staring back over my shoulder I'd think to myself, "I can totally make that. And so much better"
by the way, if you can get your hands on this book:
Do. It's a classic by Louis Slobodkin {'The 100 Dresses' } I ended up with the copy that was in our family, growing up. I still bring it out every year. Wonderful illustrations and story.
whoa. careful there, fella.
But I digress, let's get back to the matter at hand. At our house, I'm declaring this the year of the no-store-bought-costumes. I'm tired of parents feeling the need to shell out major money for a COSTUME to be worn ONE night {oh, ok and maybe in the school parade }
I sort of want to be hard core and tell every kid that comes to my door, no candy if your parents paid some ridiculous price for that costume { from halloween express or any of those mail order catalogs encouraging your daughters to look like hookers} but then I realize that's more about the parents than the kids. Above: my mother's masterful work . She made the entire costume, wig and all by hand. { That's red electrical tape wrapped 'round my tights - clever } And the she did the same for my 4 other siblings.
So in the spirit of DIY and Halloween being the ultimate holiday of self expression, this year, get creative. Make-up can go miles {look at little skeleton boy up there}, Goodwill can be a design lab of great ideas. This year, think out side that little cellophane box.

Suzanne Kasler on The Skirted Round Table

This week designer, author, Suzanne Kasler drops by The Skirted Round Table. Another great interview with a great talent. Ms. Kasler's newest book, 'Suzanne Kasler, Inspired Interiors' is a topic of conversation as we each go through and discuss our favorite rooms in the book.
If you don't have the book already, I recommend it. Kasler has an innate sense of color and balance that throws all rules out the window, keeping an interior fresh, full of movement and continuity.
I chose the farm house photos to discuss with her. I love the play of the rough-hewn structure against the fine antiques, art and textiles. { That green velvet sofa! } Now this is the way a mountain house should look in my book. Not a Navajo blanket in the place.
anyway, go listen, I think you'll be every bit as inspired and enlightened as we were.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Out Loud + Design Within Reach

Date: 11.04.09 Where: DWR/Tools For Living - 332 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles
Who: YOU!!!
If you're in Los Angeles next week, we'll be teaming up with Design Within Reach/Tools for Living for another Blog Out Loud event! For those of you unfamiliar, we {co-founder Rebecca Orlov of Apartment Therapy and} loved the idea of creating a blogging symposium for people share their ideas and experiences.
By putting the idea out there, we've watched it grow and blossom on its own, and with that has come a fantastic group of sponsors, panelist and friends. again we have a fantastic line-up of panelist:
Emily Goligoski of The SanFranista and Notes On Design
Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy& Unplggd
Laure Joliet of Apartment Therapy, At Home At Home & Dwell
Alissa Walker of Gelatobaby, Fast Company, GOOD
Haily Zaki of American Express OPEN Forum, Curbed LA, Inhabitat & Secret Agent PR
**We'll be pouring Frey organic and biodynamic wines and serving light appetizers. So come mingle with friends and fellow bloggers! Let me know if you're coming, I'd love to meet you in person


photo: domino
I'm a little late at getting this up as we have another FANTASTIC interview with interior designer, Suzanne Kasler in post editing, as I type this. But if you get a chance, hop over to The Skirted Round Table where last week we discussed accessorizing. Lots of comments ensued, thank god we all have our own point of view on design.
The Skirted Round Table.

i heart skinflint

Rare 2 arm wall mounted machinists work light with original paintwork and vitreous enamelled shade by "Mek Elek.
Green and white enamelled factory lights by "Coolicon." Vitreous enamelled spun steel with original company label and vents to permit uplighting. Circa early 1930.
Opaline pendants, salvaged from school buildings in the midlands, UK. Circa 1950.
Polished brass and glass naval bulkheads by Pauluhn, Houston, Texas. Salvaged from US cargo ships in India. Circa 1950.
This is a moment when I would gladly have accepted 'gifts' in exchange for a post {and, yes, I would have let you all know that I'm a 'sell out'} Unfortunately I was not so lucky. So I'm just posting these because they thrill me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

circus violet

Quite possibly some of the most charming porcelain pieces I've come across yet. Studio Violet is the collaboration of artists, Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

black dynamite

What I would give to have a little extra space, in this little beach bungalow. A butler's pantry perhaps. Or maybe a china closet. Something 10 x 8 ish, with a french door and a crystal doorknob.
A place where I could stand, chin between forefinger and thumb surveying my stash, pieces collected over years of wading through tag sales, picking through flea markets and second hand stores. Of course, they'd all be arranged by color, placed on lined shelves, random clutches of silver flatware, in parfait've know the drill. Maybe I'd even arrange them seasonally.
If I had an autumnal area, before my purple transfer ware {brought out at Thanksgiving} would have to sit a collection of Wedgwood Basalt, which of course, would be used over and over again throughout the month of October {although I once read that Charlotte Moss mixed hers with a pale pink linen but that's an entirely other closet }
Basalt Ware, sometimes called Black Basalt, is a hard black vitreous Stoneware, named after the volcanic rock Basalt and manufactured by Josiah Wedgwood from about 1768. Wedgwood's Black Basalt Ware was an improvement on the stained earthenware known as Egyptian Black made by other Staffordshire potters.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ring a ring of posies

Yellow silver, Plumeria ring $65.00
Yellow silver flower ring $65.00
Sterling silver daisy earrings $75.00
Triple daisy ring $40.00
Green silver, two flower ring $100.00
I was hopping around all of my bookmarks the other day, trying to find a gift, for 13 year old and fell upon these. I thought they were perfectly diminutive and feminine and so well priced. It's never too early to start wearing one of a kind pieces. Hand made by Zula Surfing Studios

Thursday, October 15, 2009

peace out

, originally uploaded by +jeanne.

Blog Out Loud Event >> serving the ad community

Last night we {co~founder Rebecca Orlov and myself} held our third Blog Out Loud Event in West L.A. sponsored by WireDrive, POM, and hosted by the Post Production House Therapy. The blogging panel was geared toward the advertising world yet engrossed us with information that's pertinent to any aspect of blogging, and social media.
The two hour intensely informative evening had the audience riveted. Tips, websites, embeddable gizmos, wow.
I really wish you all could have been there {and 'hello!' to those of you who were}. If any one in business ever needed to be convinced of the necessaries of blogging and social media, this would have tipped them over. We'll be posting video content on our site: about last night's event.
In fact, I'll play you our opening video feed to last night. It's fabulous {with great music to boot}:
And mark your calendars, we have an upcoming event hosted by Design Within Reach/ Tools For Living store coming up November 4th, in Santa Monica. The panel is, once again, a stellar line up:
Emily Goligoski of The SanFranista and Notes On Design Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy& Unplggd Laure Joliet of Apartment Therapy, At Home At Home & Dwell Alissa Walker of Gelatobaby, Fast Company, GOOD Haily Zaki of American Express OPEN Forum, Curbed LA, Inhabitat & Secret Agent PR

designer tag sale OC

Mark your calendars! The second Designer Tag Sale is happening Saturday, October 24th in Orange County. Produced by Vanessa Squared. This is the duo that gathered together a bevvy of designers in Venice last summer for the upscale tag sale bonanza where I scored big time.
I'm telling you, get there at 10am. Besides gift bags for the first 30, there is GREAT stuff to be had and it goes quickly. btw, nothing over $200.00 and finds as low as $5.00.
Refab Clinic and Christopher Tracy Interiors will be one of many on hand.
Designers, discarding their treasures to make room for more. This is not your ordinary tag sale. At the last one I spied, among other things, rolls of Cole & Son wallpaper, Yardage of Sea Cloth and Quadrille fabrics , not to mention the incredible vintage finds. And the best part of course, is that anything left over will be donated to The Sheepfold { a women's and children's shelter }
Check out who else is participating and get directions: their website, Designer Tag Sale OC

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New arrivals at Paris Hotel Boutique

never failing to give me complete shopping anxiety, Lynn has culled together a new shipment of booty a francaise...... making my heart race with lust.
Check out her haul here:: Paris Hotel Boutique

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