Wednesday, October 21, 2009

black dynamite

What I would give to have a little extra space, in this little beach bungalow. A butler's pantry perhaps. Or maybe a china closet. Something 10 x 8 ish, with a french door and a crystal doorknob.
A place where I could stand, chin between forefinger and thumb surveying my stash, pieces collected over years of wading through tag sales, picking through flea markets and second hand stores. Of course, they'd all be arranged by color, placed on lined shelves, random clutches of silver flatware, in parfait've know the drill. Maybe I'd even arrange them seasonally.
If I had an autumnal area, before my purple transfer ware {brought out at Thanksgiving} would have to sit a collection of Wedgwood Basalt, which of course, would be used over and over again throughout the month of October {although I once read that Charlotte Moss mixed hers with a pale pink linen but that's an entirely other closet }
Basalt Ware, sometimes called Black Basalt, is a hard black vitreous Stoneware, named after the volcanic rock Basalt and manufactured by Josiah Wedgwood from about 1768. Wedgwood's Black Basalt Ware was an improvement on the stained earthenware known as Egyptian Black made by other Staffordshire potters.


M.Lane said...

What a great post. My wife loves black Basalt and I have been lucky enough to find a couple of very old [small] pieces for her as gifts over the years. How wonderful to have things that beautiful and historic at the same time.


Debra Phillips said...


love the basalt ware. here in chicago eddie ross did an article on "faking it". following his lead i have been purchasing items from thrift stores and goodwill with great lines and spray painting them with a flat black paint. looks great!
enjoy your blog

Karena said...

Megan, I had no idea! Wait til Patricia sees this collection! Breathtaking....

Mrs. Blandings said...

Love basalt. Would love to have a collection of basalt. Very few of the dealers here carry it. Moody and dramatic. Fabulous.

The purple transferware sounds terrific.

Anonymous said...

dyn-o-mite! i can see it!


mary said...

Thanks for the basalt ware and the wonderful dream--they do come true sometimes. Have a great week.

Lauren said...

Megan- just beautiful! love this post & your writing is what makes it so perfect.

I could picture it all and now want some!! :)


What a score with the Basalt black-wear.

I have some giant mugs made from a company that usually sticks to tiny Japanese tea cups. They are black glaze. I love the texture as it touches my lips when I take a sip.

The simple things entertain me.

Jennifer said...

all so pretty. I happened upon a pitcher at an antiques show/thing and have been stalking ebay for more ever since ...

Cote de Texas said...

I love the black basalt!!!!!!!!!! It's so gorgeous!! love love love it. I just bought a white basalt plate that is so stunning.

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