Monday, October 5, 2009

pimp you pod

Keeping with my inability to leave any, untouched, surface alone; I like to wrap the back of my ipod with these great little 'skins'. It's in my hand or within reach 12 hours or more a day, so why not accessorize the accessory.
I can think of several design aesthetes out there, for whom this would be perfect. In fact the perfect choice for my sistah of the Skirted Round Table- Joni Webb.
{Although, to do it right we'd need to put skins on the channel changer, the garage door opener, cordless phone, and any other handheld operational device. Then, pile them on a table for the full Chinoiserie ginger jar jumble, effect.}
I do love this one though. Hold it on your shoulder as you walk down the street and gain yourself a little street cred. yo.
Once you purchase one of these skins, you can upload a complementary image for your wallpaper on the phone. All for $15.00 wow. gela skins


Karena said...

Cool, very cool!The things you find Megan!

Linda Merrill said...

And yet another reason to want an iPhone!!

SparkerShop said...

Loooove the Blue Willow 'skin' - thanks for the tip!

Renae said...

My iPhone definitely needs one of these! Love it!

Grant K. Gibson said...

I have 2 friend that have the blue willow and they look AMAZING on. I am still searching for MY ideal iphone cover- nothing has caught my eye yet!

Cote de Texas said...

I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!

Swiss Avenue said...

I need a skin for my iphone!! Thank you!

kelleyp said...

buying one just for the blue willow skin. that is awesome.

my hubbie just launched an iphone application--if you like wine go check it out at
or winephd on your iphone.

Natalie said...

These are so cool. I want one now.

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