Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BLOG OUT LOUD :: a few million flowers, cool parents and some very small horses in the name of art

I'm running around pulling all of the last minute details together for tonight's 4th, Blog Out Loud event in Santa Monica { 3rd and Santa Monica Blvd.} at the beautiful, ever-inspiring, Design Within Reach. If you're planning on coming or thinking of coming {do!} our panelists are fantastic:
>>PANEL Emily Goligoski of The SanFranista and Notes On Design Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy& Unplggd Laure Joliet of Apartment Therapy, At Home At Home & Dwell Alissa Walker of Gelatobaby, Fast Company, GOOD
Haily Zaki of American Express OPEN Forum, Curbed LA, Inhabitat & Secret Agent PR
Hope to see you tonight!
and now, a few things found while swinging around from blog to blog:
Color Fields- Tulips are better than none.
beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands shot from above. I'd love a flat weave carpet like this.
found courtesy of flavorpill
My Parents Were Awesome
Everyone I know thinks their parents looked cool 'back in the day' - before we made them into some kind of uptight, example of middle age squaredom. Finally someone has started blog where we can send those old photos of our parents being totally awesome with their vintage selves. Proving that they didn't always wear holiday sweaters and bifocals. And apparently drove the Mystery Van from time to time: more on this site and its creator at NPR's Morning Addittion
The Portland Horse Project
In 2005 Scott Wayne Indiana put to use the unused horse rings that are seen all over Portland sidwalks. After a few months, he expanded the horse project and asked for some help. Now these horses are showing up all over Portland. You can find them in most parts of Portland now. You can find more photos on here.
that's all I've got for to Santa Monica...


Mrs. Blandings said...

Those tulip fields are unbelievable.

BonjourBruxelles said...

God (I know you're swarming with busy-ness right now) but how I always can count on you for these amazing internetty finds....I'm enthralled with myparentswereawesome. (and I just submitted Doby and John)

carrie @ bloomacious said...

OMG those horse photos are too funny - nice find!

mary said...

I love those horses! Thanks for the fun.

Kyla said...

This is too funny.. I live in portland and when we first moved here I would go running and see these horses everywhere and think it was really weird. Now it just makes me chuckle and is a higlight to a new running loop if I see one :-)

Mommy of three said...

Hi Megan,
I was at the Blog Out Loud event last night and enjoyed it immensely. I am excited to use the resources on your blog and I think I'll attend the Twitter workshop. I know nothing about Twitter and have resisted it thus far, but I think your panel sold me last night.
Also, this is my first time at your blog and I like it a lot. I'd love a rug like that photo too!

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