Monday, November 9, 2009

condos on color.

Found, in the great city of Chicago, wonderful examples of small spaces making the most of style using COLOR.
Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal
Benjamin Moore Whale Gray
Benjamin Moore Poppy
This bedroom, the same condo as the red library above,makes great use of space by adding the curtain to separate a sitting room from a bedroom.
all photos: Chicago Home + Garden


robyn said...

this color is so cool~ great seeing you all yesterday!

Mrs. Blandings said...

That Poppy Red - whoa.

mb said...

I just want to scream with excitement when I see the way the red portrait pops on the first charcoal wall. So fine, so fine.

Michelle said...

poppy and new favs...and I like the different sheens.


Renae said...

I love the charcoal! Fabuloso!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Kendall Charcoal. And all things grey.

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Beautiful images, Megan. Love that last bedroom and the green on green sitting\living room with the great paintings.

Lauren said...

love that last color combo!!! it reminds me a bit of that one part of the bunny williams HB room you talked about on SRT: remember with the off-green and the aqua?? love that combination!!


Southern Aspirations said...

wow= gorgeous. And that BM grey with the yellow and pop of burgandy-- my color inspiration for the dining room. Thank you for sharing!!

::levina:: said... the first image.

susan said so said...

The bedroom hangings are brilliant!!


Karena said...

Love the red and grays! It is amazing what color can do in small spaces.

vicki archer said...

Fantastic...I always think the smaller the space the braver you can be, xv.

mary said...

I love the colors! I think we'll be seeing a lot of red in the coming months! The charcoal is great, also.

mary said...

I love the colors! I think we'll be seeing a lot of red in the coming months! The charcoal is great, also.

atayala said...

What a stunning room! The colors are perfect!.

Deirdre G
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condo Philippines said...

Beautiful condo to have, lovely design and I like it. The colors, so perfect.

Paula M

makati condo said...

It was long ago since I visit your blog and its mhe again, visiting and reading along..

Deirdre G

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