Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fashion's one big mobius strip-mall .

Well first of all, it was only recently that my friends and I were laughing and laughing hard, about being in our 20s and running around the Lower Haight wearing our uniform: cutoffs, black tights and 'shoots' i.e. shoe boots. "oh my god, can you believe we wore that???" It, literally brought us to tears we thought it so ridiculous.
And now look what went and happened. The 'shoots' are back. Only now they're more like shooties . and we're wearing them with skirts. And I love them again.
J.crew has these {yes, even the conservatively creative J.crew has chimed in on this look- I suspect most of their customers will be wearing them with a 'sensible slack', though } at about $265.00.
But honestly, it's a trend, so when you can find the same look {and I like the suede against an opaque tight better} for $25.00.....why not just scoop one up in every color and go for it.
and yes, someday we'll be laughing again hard. but in the mean time, it's a great updated look if you can work it.


Petunia Face said...

Oh I LOVED the tights and the shorts and the little ankle boots. *sigh* Welcome back 1991.

beachbungalow8 said...

our little, black legged,shoe booted tribe walking to the bars. bless our hearts.

Ivy Lane said...

Just so the music of the 90's doesn't come back.. I'll be all about the "shooties"!!!

Jennie Horn said...

When are cowboy boot mules coming back? You know, the Shannen Dohertys

Karena said...

So true, most fashions come around again. I actually wore white go go boots at one time!!

abby said...

thanks for the tip on forever 21. tricky finding anything for my sz 11 feet, unfortuately. :(

thebubbreport said...

Ha! In college we all had Sam & Libby "shoots" and I remember my roommate Ann wiping the beer sludge off them with Fantastik :) They were part of our uniform that included colored jeans from Express and flannel shirts from J. Crew. Oh, and barn jackets from J. Crew.

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