Monday, November 23, 2009

it was colonol mustard and professor plum

.....or maybe it was the framed fabric from Donghia, that started the color trend in Emily Walker's 900 sq ft living space.
No matter, this is a great example of how using a consistent palette can bring continuity to a small space.
Using one wall as an accent as well as a great transitional color into the dining room helps create the flow. I love this dining table paired with the painted gray shield back chairs. Painting the chairs this flat gray, and adding the simple pop of color suddenly transforms them into modern art. table: La Merceria wall color: similar to Benjamin Moore's 'Nightfall-CC-38'
The bedroom is a great example of using color and oversized graphic design to create personality and bluff character in a room. Throughout the space, there are both high-end details {such as the Madeline Weinrib carpet } mixed with dumpster dive or Ikea scores, painted yellow or white. Coverlet, sheets, House & Home; throw, Lucca; side tables, drapes, Ikea; lampshades, Eye Spy; bowl, Waterford Wedgwood; carpet, Madeline Weinrib; pillow, The Cross; wall colour, Iron Mountain (2134-30), Benjamin Moore.
The stripe wallpaper creates a column-like element drawing the eye up and over, the wall/ceiling deliniation creating a sense of space in this narrow room. I find it interesting that the art is kept low and propped rather than hung on the yellow anchor piece in the room. Love the lampshade ceiling fixture. Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball; sofa, Bliss Interior Design; art, desk chair, Hollace Cluny; light fixture, Ikea.
great t.v. and open shelving in the galley kitchen. Countertop, Sticks & Stones; white dishes, House & Home; black china, Wedgwood; vase, bird, Quasi Modo; art, Canvas Gallery; TV, Festoon; rug, Madeline Weinrib.
The charming wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for the Telegramme prints. A tiny powder room is the best place to go all out and add major personality.
Wallpaper, Telio; toiletries, Teatro Verde; art, Telegramme Prints; sconce, Alico; mirror (painted), Ikea; vase, Bungalow.
Photography: Donna Griffith
Room design: Stacey Smithers From Candian House and Home


Cote de Texas said...

Gosh, I love this - esp the living room with the fabric on the wall. beautiful! love you Megan!!!!!! seriously - you are a great partner and friend, the best!

Jennie Horn said...

AAAAAHHHH!! HUGE HEARTS! I want to move in.

shanon said...

Gah! I adore that carpet in the bedroom. I'm not even going to look up the price. I need to pretend I didn't see it... too late. ; )

Mrs. Blandings said...

Really incredible space and not chocked full of custom, custom, custom. Love it.

Renae said...

I have a memo sample of that fabric hanging on the wall right now. I LOVE it...great idea for it too.

Happy Thanksgiving Girl.


Renae said...

I forgot to mention when I commented on FB, that the Madeline Weinrib rugs are to die for...gorgeous.

Yes, Shanon, the price of the rugs are....well....pricey!

beachbungalow8 said...

I know it that carpet is KILLAH. I love all of Madeline Weinrib's carpets and they are not for the low budg. room. You get what you pay for!

love you too Joni!! xoxox

Leigh Chandler said...

Inspirational spaces, it's making me re-think my own long standing color palette, yikes!

Mélanie said...

I adore this room . I love purple ..this room looks fantastic

henzy said...

not a big fan of pruple.. but i'm liking what i see in most of these pics.

Carolyn said...

i LOVE every room. so cool. i love that little yellow side table from ikea..been eyeballin' it for awhile now. cool weinribs too. like the striped wallpaper. like it all. want it for myself!

Jennie Horn said...

still want to move in.

Anonymous said...

Spread the word! You're featured on apartment therapy's re-nest!

Marci said...

What color (and brand) did you use for those gray dining room chairs? Love them! Thanks.

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