Monday, December 21, 2009

rizzle for the sizzle

I just came back from standing in a 45 minute line at the post office. A bit remiss in my gift sending {per usual} vowing to, next year, get my act together by October. As I stood in a line of octogenarian surfers, off duty lifegaurds and flip flop wearing beach moms, frantically filling out mailing slips as their little surf-grommit kids swung from the edge of the counter, I took comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in my slacker christmas spirit. In this spirit, I share with you a few last minute gift giving ideas.
Holiday cards on the fly have made it all so easy you can wait until the week of! forget about mailing them out, some of use haven't even created our cards yet. I like's easy turn around and great looking designs.
I bet Santa uses something like this. Originally meant to haul around bricks and mortar I suppose, the Heritage Leather Co.'s Mason bag is sturdy as all get out and cool looking too. found here for $70.00
Fabric originally from Kojima Japan, the kyoto selvedge chambray scarf. Great for those of us in mild temps in a beautiful 'violet' colorway. found here for 80 bones.
Using old perfume recipes from the 1920s and 1930s, these exquisite and unique scents contain essential oils of cedar, hiba, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla with a twist of lime and spruce. Beautifully masculine in scent, definitely unisex for you gals who don't like to smell too sweet and perfumy. Found at the Portland General Store for as little as $10.00
I love the work of I'm Smitten {and they have the rare site with music playing, that doesn't make you scramble for the mute button} . I've especially had my eye on this lovely piece for some time. "Foxes in Trees" print - $40.00 found here
Tom's shoes. LOVE these. I was in line {as opposed to on line} the other day, the women in front of me had a pair of flats with the ubiquitous {around here at least} TB logo across the toe. I, then, looked at my own casually canvased, espadrilled foot and wondered if TB gives a pair of shoes to a needy child with every purchase of a pair of her shoes. Tom's "One for One" plan only makes these shoes that much more awesome. And now they come in all kinds of groovy colors and designs. I take mine solid- but the above are kind of sail-club worthy.
And finally, while we're on the, gift for a gift idea, check out Walk With Sally's- shopping cart. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to this non-profit mentoring program {started by my husband} helping children and families dealing with cancer. The Skarf is the newest edition to their growing line of product. The site also, offers One Hope Wine as well as various tshirts {one of which I designed}.
So, that's all I got for you all today. Now, excuse me as I must go deal with one case of strep throat and a dead opposum under the house. Oh, and I need to order those holiday cards.
Keepin' in mind, through it all:


Anonymous said...

Those foxes are the best - I love their expressions. Sorry to hear about the opossum, feel better soon!

Southern Aspirations said...

Love the list! The foxes are quite cute. Used TOms as a gift to my mother in law last year. Seeing the nautical=looking ones, I believe I need a pair!

And LOVE the rizzle for the sizzle...that just cracks me up.

Mommy of three said...

Love that bag with the yellow. And that last picture has me cracking up. Fo Shizzle!

Debra Phillips said...


you had me at the shoes! but....could not find them on the web site. am i just being stupid?
merry merry

Richie Designs said...

loving Snoop Dog's version of the church sign.

and I was with you at the post office yesterday. it makes me want to hurt people, just thinking about it. is pretty awesome. Even I can't say no to it.

gayhooker said...

I love wood

Maria ♥ said...

Those are the most adorable postboxes I have ever seen.

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